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Lufthansa City Center Business Travel

Telephone: +44 191 261 6040

Hadrian House, Higham Place,
NE1 8AF Newcastle upon Tyne
United Kingdom

With these products, we ensure smooth business travel.

echnology tailor-made for you.

LCC Online Booking

Travel booking at any time. With a partner who will take care of you.
•Round-the-clock bookings for standard routes
•Easy to use
•Fast booking process
•Searching for vacancies and prices in real time
•Integration into the company’s processes on request


LCC Travel Portal

Access to travel-related information at any time. With a partner who makes travel processes transparent.
•Simple integration into the company’s processes
•Full range of information at a glance
•Bundling of relevant information, such as travel policy, preferred service providers, direct booking options and procedures for internal travel expense claims
•Scope of services can be adapted flexibly

LCC Profile

Customers gain insights. With a partner who knows your travellers’ “needs”
•Professional web-based profile databases
•Storage of the most important preferences and information
•Independent of reservation systems

LCC Travelinfo

Keep your destination in sight. With a partner who knows your destination.
•Access to travel details whenever and wherever you require them via the Internet at
•Display of the latest status of flight, hotel and car rental reservations
•Useful information such as weather forecasts and restaurant tips
•Location finder for all Lufthansa City Center locations throughout the world

LCC Travel Expense

Process travel expenses. With a partner who can simplify your procedures.
•Joint responsibility for handling travel expense claims with partner companies
•Reduction of process costs by outsourcing and combination of the latest technology with our expertise

LCC Feedback

Respond consistently. With a partner who takes customers’ needs seriously.
•Management of feedback and criticism in a central system
•Detailed evaluation options
•Providing the travel management and individual key account manager with helpful information